Miss Mimi Rhodium Bonding Ring

Miss Mimi Rhodium Bonding Ring


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Miss Mimi Rhodium Binding Ring is designed is modern yet classic, a higher-end piece, very stylish, looks very resounding when you put it on, goes sparkly with any of your favorite outfits for your sassy clothing delicious your office or anywhere you will be. The symbolic power makes it excellent for great wearing. All dimensions are inferential and may vary imperceptibly from the listed dimensions.

The Rhodium Binding Ring is little/ lightweight and convenient, simple to work, and makes the makeup applications much easier. This is an excellent element for any equipment and beautiful look, or pairs with other types of jewelry, and discrete gemstone pieces.


  • Solid 925 silver band
  • Rhodium bonding for eternal last
  • 12mm wide.
  • Made in Italy