Orly Jewellers' Top 10 Best Sellers for 2023

Jewellery and watches have been a symbol of beauty, elegance, and luxury for decades. Year after year, we see new jewellery styles and watch designs that evoke the latest trend, which define people's personality. As we usher in 2024, it's time to look back at our best sellers of the year. Orly Jewellers’ customers have spoken, and we have narrowed down the top 10 best sellers from our collection. This list includes pieces that have been adorned by celebrities, trendsetters and reflect the latest fashion trends that have taken the industry by storm. So, get ready to update your jewellery box as we introduce you to the top must-have pieces of the year.

#1 - Tissot PRX Collection

One of the latest watches that have taken over the industry is the Tissot PRX Collection. With its sleek, modern aesthetic, the Tissot PRX watch has become a style must-have for both men and women. This popular collection features a wide range of colours that can blend in seamlessly with any outfit. The stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and water-resistant nature make this a durable option. The Tissot PRX watch collection is a unique piece to have in your collection.

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#2 - TAG Heuer Formula 1 x Red Bull Racing

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 is designed for the sports enthusiasts, and particularly for the Red Bull Racing fans, therefore it is not a surprise that it makes Orly Jewellers Top 10 Best Seller. TAG Heuer is known for its quality watches, but this watch takes it a notch higher. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 is a watch that can withstand any pressure on and off the racetrack. This watch is both durable and stylish, with a stainless steel strap that can withstand any physical activity. The three subdials also add to the watch's appeal.

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#3 - Hamilton Khaki Field Murph

The Hamilton Khaki Field Murph is named after the character from the movie "Interstellar." This watch combines a classic look with modern features. The watch's ability to glow in the dark due to its luminescent hands makes time-telling easy in the dark. The watch movement is a Swiss automatic, which assures its quality and accuracy.

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#4 - Cushion Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The Cushion Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring from Orly Jewellers has been incredibly famous since its launch. The ring features one carat diamonds and square-shaped diamond accents that encircle the centre gemstone, making it sparkle. The diamond clarity and the diamond cut make it safe to say that it is an exquisite design.

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#5 - Cultured Freshwater Pearl Diamond Pendant

The Cultured Freshwater Pearl Diamond Pendant is a timeless piece that never goes out of style. This pendant necklace features a finely crafted freshwater pearl and diamond pendant that fits elegantly on any neck. The diamond accents and its smooth finish set it apart from any other pendants in the market.

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#6 - Diamond Huggie Earrings

Diamond Huggie Earrings have been selling like a hot cake due to their beautifully crafted style that blends in effortlessly with any event. The earring measures 0.35Carats, has colourless diamonds and a round shape that creates a stunning earring that will complement your everyday look. The long-lasting finish, the clarity of the stones, and the unique design make it a must-have piece in your jewellery collection.

Buy here : https://orlyjewellers.com/collections/earrings/products/diamond-huggie-earrings

#7 - Longines Hydro Conquest Collection

The Longines Hydro Conquest Collection features ten unique watches with outstanding features. These watches are water-resistant up to 300m and suitable for people who love water sports. The watches come in different colours and lightweights that make them perfect for daily activities.

Buy here :  https://orlyjewellers.com/collections/longines?sort_by=best-selling&filter.p.tag=LONGINES+HYDROCONQUEST



8 - Miss Mimi Timeless Bead Mesh Bangle

The Miss Mimi Timeless Bead Mesh Bangle is an ultra-chic piece that showcases excellent craftsmanship. The bangle features mesh threading enveloped by 14k gold beads, creating a lovely texture that sits comfortably around your wrist.

Buy here : https://orlyjewellers.com/collections/miss-mimi-by-yael/products/miss-mimi-timeless-bead-mesh-bangle

9 - Miss Mimi Clover Shape Pendant Necklace

The Miss Mimi Clover Shape Pendant Necklace is a great way to add sophistication to your outfit. The pendant features a clover-shaped design encrusted with diamonds, adding a hint of sparkle to your look.

Buy here : https://orlyjewellers.com/collections/miss-mimi-by-yael/products/miss-mimi-clover-shape-pendant-necklace



10 - Semi-Eternity Diamond Ring

The Semi-Eternity Diamond Ring is irresistible, thanks to its classic design that is perfect for different occasions. The diamonds are carefully placed in a channel setting and set in 18k white gold. The ring's purity and timeless beauty make it a popular choice among Orly Jewellers' clientele.

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In conclusion, 2023 has seen a new wave of jewellery and watch trends and styles, and Orly Jewellers have been at the forefront of providing trendsetting collections. Our top 10 best sellers feature the latest fashion trends, celebrity-adored jewellery, statement jewellery pieces, as well as timeless watch classics. The exquisite jewellery selection that we have can cater to any preference and budget. So, whether you're looking for a wedding ring, statement piece, or everyday watch, visit Orly Jewellers and get your hands on one of our coveted items.