Miss Mimi CZ Flower Hoop Earrings


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Naturally, you cannot put on CZ Flower Hoop Earrings every day and night as your towering heels. And with the danger of something pulling at the Hoop Earrings. We don't think that this is a danger you would be ready to take. Consequently, it's more reliable and wiser to wear stud earrings until your new piercings heal.

Miss Mimi CZ Flower Hoop Earrings are structurally identical to genuine gemstones, providing you with the pure look that is usefulness worldwide. Ideal presents for Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Marriage ceremony, Thanksgiving, Party, Bridesmaids' & Bride's wedding jewelry, Party & Prom Accessories, Anniversary jewelry, etc.


  • Flower hoop with lab-created pink sapphires.
  • diamond look-alike.
  • Silver with rhodium bonding for eternal last.
  • anti-tarnish treatment.
  • 13mm diameter.